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What exactly is stopping you from breaking into the hip hop music industry? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to make a living within this ever changing industry? While there is no clear cut way to become a big time producer, or rapper for that matter, there are definitely certain steps you can take to improve your chances of landing a big record deal or getting signed by a label. It may take a lot of hard work, consistent effort and determination but if you have the desire to make music for a living then it will all be worth it.

Work on Your Craft

The number one most important thing you can do to bust into the industry is to continue working on your craft. The more efficient, skilled and knowledgeable you are about making beats the better it will serve you in the long run. Become a master of your drum machine and sequencing. For instance, when working with my DAW of choice, DUBturbo, focus on turning that environment into your second home through repetition and consistent effort. Your virtual drum pads should be part of your dreams each night and your tracks should become part of your very being.

Set aside specific times to put into your beat making and stick to that schedule. Don’t let other people barge into your session or get distracted by phone calls, Internet videos or other controllable distractions. If you can put at least a few hours each day into working on your beats, over time you will become more productive and your skills will reach heights you never thought possible. Practice does make perfect, and it’s no different with laying down beats.

Work With Other Producers/Rappers

Just like you there are tons of other rappers and producers looking to break into the industry, and many of them have connections that you don’t have. Collaboration can prove key to your future successes and can give you and your partner the much needed exposure.

If you have a bunch of beats collecting digital dust then why not search for and find a talented rapper to work with? Put together some songs, enough for a mixtape, and create as much buzz as possible through your combined online reach and network. Utilize the numerous free hosted websites to post up your mixtape for free download. The more free music you give away now, the easier it will be to ask people to buy your album or beats in the future.

Start Making Beats Right Now

Build a Rabid Online Fan Base

If you are not building a rabid online fan base then you are missing out on the biggest opportunity to ever land at the feet of struggling producers. Never before has there been an easier and cheaper way to promote yourself and your beats. Try and picture the 1980s, when rappers and producers had to literally drive around selling mixtapes out of the back of their car trunk and hand deliver or mail a demo to radio stations and record labels. The Internet has permanently changed the hustle game, and there is no excuse for a determined and talented producer to not start making a name for himself.

Immediately open a Twitter, Facebook fan page and YouTube account. Also, find a popular online hip hop beat making forum and get involved in the conversation. If you already have a handful of beats then open up a beat selling account at Beat Swagger or Roc Battle and start selling.

However, the most important thing about building a fan base is to be yourself, because people will see right through any fakeness. Send out real messages about your life and what you are doing to make your producer dreams a reality. Give away some beats by running contests and respond to people directly to make them feel connected to you. Putting in months of building up your followers will inevitably pay off in the long run.

Start Making YouTube Videos Now

A huge portion of Internet users are now using YouTube to search for information, and beat related searches are definitely part of that. By having your own channel and putting up frequent videos you can take advantage of the huge source of traffic that YouTube offers, gain exposure, and if your videos get a lot of views you can also participate in the YouTube partners program, where you make money off ads displayed on and near your videos.

However, your main focus should be on making unique and entertaining or informative videos. Quality and quantity both come into play here, so put out at least one video a week that has something to offer the viewers. Check out some of the more popular producer channels for ideas. You don’t need a fancy camera, and video editing software comes with a Mac and is generally not that expensive.

Some ideas for videos could be “How-to” tutorials about software and beat making in general. Your recent beats with a link in the video description back to your beat selling page. Use your imagination and creativity for these videos and you will grow your subscribers exponentially.

Sell Beats Online

In addition to all of the aforementioned ways to try and burst into the rap industry you should also try and sell your existing beats online. Not only will you make some extra money but you will continue to get more exposure and create a name for yourself. if there are certain beats you feel are your best, then you might want to hang on to them to see if you can get some interest from labels, rappers or other producers.

Breaking into the music industry is not easy, and sometimes it takes a little luck. However, luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity, so stay prepared and you never know when your opportunity will open up before you.

I Make Beats With This Virtual Machine


If you are searching for the premier beat community that provides you with sick completed beats, sample kits, tips and much more, then VIP Sound Pool will fit the bill. Brought to you by the musical geniuses behind the popular DUBturbo music making software, this new membership based community is going to blow the lid off of your beat creation workflow. Imagine not having to worry about searching for new samples and beats, and instead having access to a growing number of quality sounds to load into your digital audio workstation! These samples will boost your beat building to another level, and give you all kinds of new sounds to fool around with.

VIP Sound Pool

Mastered to Perfection

All of these sound kits were mastered to perfection by the creators of DUB-T, with the idea to greatly enhance your final beats. You do not have to worry about the quality, as the producers worked hard on mixing and mastering these hot samples. Using a professional studio, and with the end user in mind rest assured that these samples are hot!

Make Any Genre You Want

Don’t worry about which music genre you are interested working in as these samples will cover all kinds of niches. Hip-hop, house, jungle, R&B and reggae are just some of the genres you can create with all of the samples that come with this incredible subscription. Imagine being able to bang out wicked sounding beats in some of your favorite genres.

New Sounds Every Month

With this powerful membership you will receive a brand new group of samples and beats at the beginning of each month. No need to hunt and peck online for your samples when you know there will be some new sick sounds waiting for you every month. In addition, there are already several months worth of samples that you will automatically get access to by joining today. You will have a lot of options to get you started with your beat making.

Buy Finished Beats or Wicked Sound Kits Too

If you prefer to buy a bundle of sound kits or one at a time they have you covered too. Simply buy the ones you like and drop them in dub turbo or whichever DAW you are using.

Like a DJ Record Pool

This membership is similar to a record pool, in that all of the members get to have access to the huge collection of samples and sounds. In addition these samples were created by producers and Djs for the sole purpose of being used by up and coming producers like yourself to produce banging beats! There is no need to search online in hopes of finding the hardest hitting samples when every single month a batch of fresh new sounds will be in your hands.

Check Out All the Perks of Joining This Club and don’t forget that these samples were created for any digital audio workstation that takes .WAV files. Your beats will receive an infusion of wicked new sounds as you explore all of these original and big time samples. Maybe one day you will be creating hit records for your fans to buy!


Have you always wondered how to be a top rap music producer? Do you look at Dr. Dre, Pharell, DJ Khalil and Timbaland and wonder if you could reach the heights they have attained? While there is no specific path towards becoming a big name producer, there are certain steps and things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a household name, or even a working producer. Keep in mind that few people reach such heights, but there are thousands of people making a living producing music and therefore doing what they love. If you have the passion and unbridled desire to create head bobbing beats then nothing will stop you.

If you are new to rap production then I recommend you go the software or virtual route. You have the option to buy hardware, such as an MPC, keyboard, sampler etc. but you will find yourself spending several thousand dollars in short order. The type of rap beats software you will need in order to start creating rap beats is a digital audio workstation, or DAW for short. This type of software has been around since the late 70s and early 80s, but really became more viable in the late 90s with Cubase hitting the market. Nowadays, there are dozens of different DAWs, with tens of thousands of loyal users, including many top rap producers. I will mention a few of my favorites throughout this article, and realize that I am keeping simplicity, quality and price in mind when I do recommend a DAW.

Keys to Becoming a Producer

Master your tools: Before even thinking about becoming a rap producer you have to master all of the basic beat tools, such as the keyboard/piano, drums, sampling and sequencing. If you have a solid grasp of how to utilize the basic, but all important beat making tools then you will be heading in the right direction.

Do you know how to play piano? If not, you should at least learn about chords, keys and tones. There are plenty of free online videos that will teach you how to play piano, and I suggest you take the time to feel comfortable with the piano and keyboard. Your drum machine will be your best friend if you know how to use it. Become very familiar with laying down drum patterns and bass lines, which will come with practice. Using a virtual drum machine is fairly straight forward, but being able to lay down compelling rhythms and patterns is where your time will be spent.

It is up to you if you want to learn how to sample records. You will need some specific software (Kontakt, HALion and MOTU Mach Five for example) and of course records, instruments, voices etc. to sample. In the beginning you may want to stick to pre made samples that come with most DAWs, or purchase samples online. The use of your sequencer should become like your cell phone, easy to use and like second nature. Some producers, such as Chad Hugo from The Neptunes are known as master sequencers, and built a lot of their reputation on that aspect of producing.

Find the right DAW: As I mentioned before, you will need a virtual workstation on your computer in order to make beats. Your budget, amount of time you have and how quickly you want to complete a finished beat will dictate which DAW to choose. DUBturbo is a solid choice for price conscience people (only $39.95) who want to master the basics and not get stuck learning how to use the software. FL Studio ($49 – $299) is another option that has more bells and whistles, making it more time intensive to learn and a bit pricier. You can always move up to a more feature rich DAW in the future once you have got the hang of the basics.

Use sick samples: There is nothing more obvious than a rap beat that has its underpinnings in weak samples. The drums don’t hit as hard and aren’t as crisp and the entire song is missing that extra quality. Your DAW should come with quality samples to begin with, and if you decide to add other samples make sure they sound solid and come from a reputable source. There are more than a handful of websites where you can find solid samples

Be clever: Inject ingenuity, originality, forward thinking and cleverness in every aspect of your rap production career. The more you are on your toes when meeting people, working on your beats and marketing yourself the better chance you will have of making a living at making rap beats.

Network: One of the most important strategies you can use to further your rap producing career is to network with as many people as possible. Whether you make connections online or offline, building relationships with other producers, rappers and anyone in the music industry is critical. You don’t ever want to be fake, or just get to know someone for their potential contacts, but instead be genuine about your interest in what they have going on. Collaborate with people and put your experiences together to help one another out.

Maximize Social Media: There are numerous examples of rappers, singers, actors and producers using social media to build a reputation and a loyal following. YouTube has proven to be key to up and coming entertainers, and the service is completely free. If you have not yet created a YouTube, Twitter or Facebook account then definitely get started. You can instantly connect with fans and let them know what it going on with your music. Producers should especially make videos about their beat making process and give tips or pointers to other up and coming producers. Also use Twitter and Facebook to get negative and positive feedback about your beats, which may help you to improve your beat making skills.

Enter beat competitions: Did you know that there are online beat contests or competitions, usually on forums, beat selling websites and some blogs. You can utilize the far reaching capacity of these online destinations to get your name out to the public. Winning a few contests can help you garner some recognition and help you to receive feedback on your beats too.

Become a DJ: Being able to spin records, or MP3s, is an essential skill to have for any producer. Knowing how to use DJ software will definitely help you with your producing, and the exposure is not too bad either.

Create an image: As you work on your production skills, share your beats online, build a social media following and get your name out to the hungry rap fans you will need to create an image. Your image depends on what you want to portray. Do you want to be considered laid back, tough, quiet, punctual, professional, serious or some other characteristic? Use all the aforementioned tips to build your reputation and image.

As I mentioned before, there is no exact path to becoming a successful rap producer, but following these guidelines could help you carve out a place in the ever evolving music industry.



Considering that there exists a plethora of house fans throughout the planet I thought it appropriate to share some of the best house music production software on the market today. As electronic music connoisseurs you already know what a house song sounds like, but did you know that most of these songs are comprised of a four-on-the-floor beat from a kick drum, a staccato or rapid fire rhythm, loads of compression via sidechaining and out of this world bass lines? In order to compile a house beat or song, you have to be equipped with the right production tools. Luckily for you, the path to making your own house music does not require a large investment of money.

In order to create any type of music you will need a digital audio workstation or DAW, which is a multitrack , editing, arranging, recording and playback software. This type of program is critical to being able to not only make beats but to being able to do it from home on your own computer. Hardware is no longer needed for DAWs, but can be entirely dependent on your computer system. Whether you have a PC or Mac there are multiple options for creating house music on your desktop or laptop, you just need to make sure that your PC is optimized for these CPU heavy programs.

Many people will tell you that you need Ableton Live, Reason or Cubase to start your producing career. However, these programs range from $349 – $849 and while they are the top of line for producing any kind of music, they do require a huge investment of time. If you have the money and time to invest in these products then go that route, but if you prefer to spend considerably less and want to make house beats immediately then consider the following options.

DUBturbo is a DAW that was introduced in 2010 for the beginners and people who want a simple yet effective music making machine. Created from the mind of a long time Dj and music industry participant, this software is loaded with all the basic tools any house hungry producer needs. For a one time $29.95 cost you can own an all in one workstation that gives you the opportunity to create original beats on your computer.

Requirements for House Production:

Drums / Bass Lines: This software comes with a dynamic drum machine that is easy to use yet packs a punch. Once you open up the software you will see the more than one hundred sample kits, making up over a thousand individual samples. There are many house specific samples to lay down sick bass lines and drum tracks. You can also import brand new samples that you have purchased online. The drum machine allows for both pad and mouse controlled track creation, meaning that you can use “hotkeys” on your computer keyboard to bang out some drums or your mouse to pencil them in.

Keyboard: House music usually requires numerous quirky sounds, which can be dropped in with the many available keyboard samples. You can use your keyboard to play the samples or your mouse, but know that there are a lot of samples to choose from. Again, you can import in any samples you have bought or created yourself.

BPM / Tempo: House music tempos vary widely, anywhere from 120 to 140 BPM depending on the person, and crowd. With DUB T you can easily adjust the tempo to your liking and begin to lay down some tracks. There is a metronome that will help you with your tracks as well.

Also as part of this software package you get a sweet sequencer, which is just as important as anything else in the program. The 16-track sequencer will allow you to create as many bars as you like, loop and duplicate certain tracks and arrange the tracks to your liking. You can adjust the volume for an entire track, or even go into the track and adjust specific samples.

Once you have finished up a beat you can export the file to MP3 or WAV file format. MP3 is perfect for online use and WAV is ideal for sending off to a studio or record label. You can also drop your WAV file into an audio editor, such as Audacity, and make any final tweaks to the beat.

DUbturbo graphic



Chances are that you have been searching for quite some time for the ideal software for your techno needs. You should ask yourself some of the following questions before you make a decision about which of the techno music programs to go with: Are you looking for something that is easy to use or has a long learning curve? How much money do you have to spend on the program? Do you plan on only fooling around with making music or do you want to make a career out of it? How much time do you have to spend learning the software or hardware you purchase? These and many other questions need to be answered before putting out any money.

There are quite literally dozens of options for making your own techno music creations. First of all you need to decide if you are going the software or hardware route. Unless you have a big budget for your music making dreams I highly suggest taking the software path. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment such as the Roland TR-808 or TB-303, why not use software that either comes with virtual versions of that hardware or use sample kits to duplicate the sounds?

While having a fully decked out home studio with ten different pieces of equipment might seem glamorous it will definitely cost some money and take a lot of time to master. Instead, choose from the many quality software options for your techno music creation needs. You also want to be careful and avoid an online techno music maker, as that software tends to not always be reliable. If you are depending on a server for your beat making solution then you will be upset when the site crashes or freezes up. You also want to avoid depending on an Internet connection in order to make your techno tunes. Always go with a downloadable software option so that you can run the program directly off of your desktop or laptop.

Some of the better known and popular software options include FL Studio ($49 – $299), Reason ($349), Live 8 Ableton ($449), Reaktor ($399) and even Propellerhead ReBirth ($6.99 for your iPhone and iPad). Another lesser known but just as powerful piece of software is DUBturbo ($39.95). As you can see from the list, there are some very expensive options, that while extremely effective and chalk full of instruments and features, are on the higher end and have a much steeper learning curve. If you are brand new to making techno jams, then you should consider purchasing one of the less expensive and easier to use options.

Several key components of any techno music software are the drum machine, keyboard and sequencer. Just as important is ensuring that the option you choose comes with a healthy sample library to choose from. If you are looking to create original beats and songs with your digital workstation then you will need a healthy dose of samples. In addition, make sure that you are able to import fresh samples into your software because chances are good that you will be purchasing more samples in the future.

Also keep in mind that if you want to record and distribute your new tunes you should have several export options. All techno recording options come with the basic MP3 export function. However, many do not also allow you to export to WAV file format. If you plan on sending your beats or songs to professionals they will expect a raw file type, such as WAV. Avoid the situation of sending them an MP3 when they can only work with a high quality file type like a WAV file.

If you want to use a simple piece of software with the necessary tools already included in the package then give DUBturbo a try. The price is right for newcomers and you will be up and running within an hour, producing techno beats like a pro.

Make Techno Music Right Now!!