Is DUBturbo the best beat making software currently available? I would have to say YES considering all of its amazing features, especially for a person who is brand new to making their own beats. If you already know how to make beats then this software will make the entire process so much easier, and all from your PC or Mac computer!

I have always wondered how music producers, especially of hip hop, rap, techno and house were able to put together such mesmerizing beats. Once I purchased the easy to use DUBturbo software I was able to learn how to create my very own banging beats, seriously. I want to share with you why this beat making software is so much better than others on the market, including online beat makers, and why I made the decision to buy a copy for myself. There are five critical points you need to understand about other beat maker software and it is important that you know what makes DUB turbo stand above the rest.

The Five Important Things You Must Understand About Most Other Beat Makers:

  1. They use .mp3′s for their samples, which means that you are making beats with second generation compressed sounds. A definite no-no! To make matters worse, when you want to export from other programs, they take the mp3′s you already built your music with, and they compress them again as your “Master.” That is nuts! Your final output is actually a third generation production that has been compressed twice, which means they are NOT industry standard in quality or sound.
  2. Most other beat makers only offer a small box of mp3 samples, a complete mess that is not worth your time or money.
  3. You quickly max out the gear and then have to find more for more complex beats, or it’s way too complex to master.
  4. Trying to do something as simple as sampling your sounds and playing around with them is next to impossible.
  5. NOBODY will teach you how to become a competent beat maker because they don’t offer any tutorials, trust me I’ve been there too!

DOWNLOAD your own copy of DUBturbo right now!!!

There are numerous reasons why this studio quality beats program is the best on the market. I want to show you the four biggest reasons you will want to own your very own copy of DUBturbo. Once you get your hands on this software you will be able to create your very own original beats while sitting at your home computer. Every time I sit down at my computer I can’t wait to open up the software and start putting together some beats.

Here is what sets apart DUBturbo from the rest of the pack and makes it so easy to use and produce studio quality sounds:

DT Sequencer – It will take your breath away!

FEATURES: Keyboard shortcuts all over the place so you can maneuver around the ap and produce quickly and efficiently. Familiar panel layout similar to big DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) and production tools make the program EASY to use, and easy to transition into other software later in your career. In addition we link you to our contests and submission section from this screen to keep you on the inside track.

Crazy Dope Drum Machine Panel

FEATURES: Each pad is assigned a keyboard trigger (using the 0 and 1-9 keys on your keyboard) so you can bang in your beats as you hit the keys as if you were on an MPC! It is bananas!!!

4 Octave Keyboard for Amazing Samples

FEATURES: You can control two of the four octaves with your computer keyboard to be able to play your tunes much easier. You will no longer need midi controllers! The software works on its own. You will receive every kind of sample you can imagine; there are pianos, saxes, hip hop bangers, bass, bells, quirks and even stabs to assure accuracy in all of the beats you create! Additionally, you can import all of your own sounds with precision.

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The fourth important reason to grab a copy of this high-quality program today is the included video training course. These easy to follow videos will guide you through how to create your own beats that you can play for your friends or even sell! If you are a newbie to the world of creating beats then these videos will have you covered. They will show you how to create effects, chords, to do mastering and triggering and even how to sell your beats! You will be producing crazy beats in no time and your friends will wonder how you were able to do it.

Just to reiterate, make sure and avoid online beat makers for the five reasons I listed above and instead take advantage of the phenomenal beat making software by DUBturbo. You will be able to create soul, trip hop, trance, techno, latin, rap and beats for tons of other music genres just like the pros do with expensive equipment.

Wait until you see this incredible software! Visit through the link below and download your own copy today.

Tip: I believe they offer customers the chance to obtain fabulous limited add-ons. Therefore, if you see a big STOP screen offering you the “How to Sell Your Beats” upgrade, grab a copy quick, because that little extra info could be a huge boost to your ability to move units and cash in on your wicked beats.


Those who dream big in the music industry tend to go a lot further, and who hasn’t dreamed about producing hip hop music in the comfort of their own home? Instead of having to rent a studio space or borrow a friend’s equipment you can simply use your PC or Mac to start banging out some wicked new beats. You don’t even need experience to start learning how to create hip hop beats, but you definitely need some passion and wherewithal. Being able to walk into a room in your house to produce music is surely better than any alternative, and you don’t have to spend very much money either.

Many of today’s up and coming producers got their start in the comfort of their bedroom or den, plunked down in front of a computer compiling their arsenal of nasty beats. They realized early on that they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their life: make crazy beats all day every day. Therefore, they figured they might as well get started at home instead of waiting to have the money to put together an expensive studio or rent out a professional studio. Over the past en or more years the market has been flooded with software based options for making beats, and now things are even simpler and more cost effective.

Instead of putting down six hundred dollars or more for a decent piece of beat making software you can now find options for much less. For two hundred dollars or less you can grab a copy of a solid beat maker, but if you want to spend under one hundred bucks then there are even some solid choices for you too. I personally have used DUBturbo and have heard some great things about FL Studio too. both of these options go for well under a Benjamin.

The incredible thing about these two software options is not only the low cost but that all you need is a computer with decent central processing unit or CPU. While most Macs have a kick butt CPU set up PCs can sometimes be lacking, but you can always make sure your computer is up to par. Make sure you have some decent speakers too and you will be good to go with either of these software options. Of course, you need some privacy and time to invest in learning the basics of the program, but if you love making beats then you will find both.

Just imagine spending several hours per day at home knocking out some nice sounding beats, and then playing them for your friends. You will be proud to tell them that you crafted the sounds yourself. Dub-T lets you export your songs in the highest file type too, WAV. Therefore, if you want to send off some of your beats to an other producer, radio station or rapper you can feel confident in sending them an uncompressed file.

The bottom line is that you will be at home making your beats and not have to spend a ton of money to get the hang of it. Your passion for making music can shine through as you learn the ins and outs of putting a beat together. Make sure and watch the video tutorials for the software, as you need to understand how to use the program from the ground up. Good luck in your new beat creation adventure!



What exactly is stopping you from breaking into the hip hop music industry? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to make a living within this ever changing industry? While there is no clear cut way to become a big time producer, or rapper for that matter, there are definitely certain steps you can take to improve your chances of landing a big record deal or getting signed by a label. It may take a lot of hard work, consistent effort and determination but if you have the desire to make music for a living then it will all be worth it.

Work on Your Craft

The number one most important thing you can do to bust into the industry is to continue working on your craft. The more efficient, skilled and knowledgeable you are about making beats the better it will serve you in the long run. Become a master of your drum machine and sequencing. For instance, when working with my DAW of choice, DUBturbo, focus on turning that environment into your second home through repetition and consistent effort. Your virtual drum pads should be part of your dreams each night and your tracks should become part of your very being.

Set aside specific times to put into your beat making and stick to that schedule. Don’t let other people barge into your session or get distracted by phone calls, Internet videos or other controllable distractions. If you can put at least a few hours each day into working on your beats, over time you will become more productive and your skills will reach heights you never thought possible. Practice does make perfect, and it’s no different with laying down beats.

Work With Other Producers/Rappers

Just like you there are tons of other rappers and producers looking to break into the industry, and many of them have connections that you don’t have. Collaboration can prove key to your future successes and can give you and your partner the much needed exposure.

If you have a bunch of beats collecting digital dust then why not search for and find a talented rapper to work with? Put together some songs, enough for a mixtape, and create as much buzz as possible through your combined online reach and network. Utilize the numerous free hosted websites to post up your mixtape for free download. The more free music you give away now, the easier it will be to ask people to buy your album or beats in the future.

Start Making Beats Right Now

Build a Rabid Online Fan Base

If you are not building a rabid online fan base then you are missing out on the biggest opportunity to ever land at the feet of struggling producers. Never before has there been an easier and cheaper way to promote yourself and your beats. Try and picture the 1980s, when rappers and producers had to literally drive around selling mixtapes out of the back of their car trunk and hand deliver or mail a demo to radio stations and record labels. The Internet has permanently changed the hustle game, and there is no excuse for a determined and talented producer to not start making a name for himself.

Immediately open a Twitter, Facebook fan page and YouTube account. Also, find a popular online hip hop beat making forum and get involved in the conversation. If you already have a handful of beats then open up a beat selling account at Beat Swagger or Roc Battle and start selling.

However, the most important thing about building a fan base is to be yourself, because people will see right through any fakeness. Send out real messages about your life and what you are doing to make your producer dreams a reality. Give away some beats by running contests and respond to people directly to make them feel connected to you. Putting in months of building up your followers will inevitably pay off in the long run.

Start Making YouTube Videos Now

A huge portion of Internet users are now using YouTube to search for information, and beat related searches are definitely part of that. By having your own channel and putting up frequent videos you can take advantage of the huge source of traffic that YouTube offers, gain exposure, and if your videos get a lot of views you can also participate in the YouTube partners program, where you make money off ads displayed on and near your videos.

However, your main focus should be on making unique and entertaining or informative videos. Quality and quantity both come into play here, so put out at least one video a week that has something to offer the viewers. Check out some of the more popular producer channels for ideas. You don’t need a fancy camera, and video editing software comes with a Mac and is generally not that expensive.

Some ideas for videos could be “How-to” tutorials about software and beat making in general. Your recent beats with a link in the video description back to your beat selling page. Use your imagination and creativity for these videos and you will grow your subscribers exponentially.

Sell Beats Online

In addition to all of the aforementioned ways to try and burst into the rap industry you should also try and sell your existing beats online. Not only will you make some extra money but you will continue to get more exposure and create a name for yourself. if there are certain beats you feel are your best, then you might want to hang on to them to see if you can get some interest from labels, rappers or other producers.

Breaking into the music industry is not easy, and sometimes it takes a little luck. However, luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity, so stay prepared and you never know when your opportunity will open up before you.

I Make Beats With This Virtual Machine


If you are searching for the premier beat community that provides you with sick completed beats, sample kits, tips and much more, then VIP Sound Pool will fit the bill. Brought to you by the musical geniuses behind the popular DUBturbo music making software, this new membership based community is going to blow the lid off of your beat creation workflow. Imagine not having to worry about searching for new samples and beats, and instead having access to a growing number of quality sounds to load into your digital audio workstation! These samples will boost your beat building to another level, and give you all kinds of new sounds to fool around with.

VIP Sound Pool

Mastered to Perfection

All of these sound kits were mastered to perfection by the creators of DUB-T, with the idea to greatly enhance your final beats. You do not have to worry about the quality, as the producers worked hard on mixing and mastering these hot samples. Using a professional studio, and with the end user in mind rest assured that these samples are hot!

Make Any Genre You Want

Don’t worry about which music genre you are interested working in as these samples will cover all kinds of niches. Hip-hop, house, jungle, R&B and reggae are just some of the genres you can create with all of the samples that come with this incredible subscription. Imagine being able to bang out wicked sounding beats in some of your favorite genres.

New Sounds Every Month

With this powerful membership you will receive a brand new group of samples and beats at the beginning of each month. No need to hunt and peck online for your samples when you know there will be some new sick sounds waiting for you every month. In addition, there are already several months worth of samples that you will automatically get access to by joining today. You will have a lot of options to get you started with your beat making.

Buy Finished Beats or Wicked Sound Kits Too

If you prefer to buy a bundle of sound kits or one at a time they have you covered too. Simply buy the ones you like and drop them in dub turbo or whichever DAW you are using.

Like a DJ Record Pool

This membership is similar to a record pool, in that all of the members get to have access to the huge collection of samples and sounds. In addition these samples were created by producers and Djs for the sole purpose of being used by up and coming producers like yourself to produce banging beats! There is no need to search online in hopes of finding the hardest hitting samples when every single month a batch of fresh new sounds will be in your hands.

Check Out All the Perks of Joining This Club and don’t forget that these samples were created for any digital audio workstation that takes .WAV files. Your beats will receive an infusion of wicked new sounds as you explore all of these original and big time samples. Maybe one day you will be creating hit records for your fans to buy!


The wait is finally over, and the arrival of the overhauled and enhanced DUBturbo 2.0 has arrived. Thankfully the polished product was worth the wait, due to the impressive amount of bug fixes, improvements and enhancements. They even changed the design a little to make it more visually appealing, and used higher quality images for the layout. If you already own the software then you receive a free upgrade from 1.5 to the latest version, no need to spend any more money on the program! Without further ado, allow me to dive into the major and minor changes to this even more powerful beat producing machine.

Click Here to Grab Your Own Copy


  • Front panel keyboard sound jogger allows for easy jogging through sounds/sound library. Simply click back or forward arrows to go through sounds one at a time. This allows you to easily find the right samples before having to open up the keyboard panel.
  • Filenames added to the interface, which makes for quicker beat building.
  • Use the DELETE and BACKSPACE buttons to delete any selected bars on the sequencer.
  • The grid filenames are now clickable on the drum panel for easier and quicker identification. This new addition is in contrast to having to look/click the pads below the grid, thereby saving even more time to make your beast faster!
  • Helpful keyboard trigger shortcuts now displayed on all appropriate panels, keys and buttons for faster production capabilities. (I recommend memorizing shortcuts to make beats faster than ever. Don’t you love software shortcuts!).
  • 3 powerful view modes: Normal, blackout (the background turns completely black, but the app stays the same size, helping to eliminate potential distractions from your desktop/background), and full screen (the app becomes full screen, usually vertically, because most computer are widescreen now).
  • Lastly, and possibly most importantly an additional 1000+ sounds were added to the already large existing sample library! Version 2.1 is already in development, and it will feature even more quality samples. All of the new samples are 100% original in-house productions by the DUBturbo team, so you know they took their time creating banging sounds. There are more beatboxers, chords, hits, harmonies and vocals including singers, rappers, reggae patwa chants, live instrument riffs and much more. The creative team went all out to ensure the kits are slammin’. You’re going to absolutely love the stereo imaging when you start overlapping some layers!


  • Sound and drum kit categories were moved to the left for a fuller vertical perspective and dropped into two easy to navigate alphabetical rows.
  • Easily copy bars in groups instead of doing it one at a time! Simply select multiple bars by clicking while pressing the CTRL button, and then click other desired empty bars where you want to add the copied bars. This new function will save you a lot of precious time.
  • Copy bars vertically! This means your melody or drum pattern can be overlayed with different instruments or drum kits. There are protections in place to prevent mixing together drums and keyboard channels. This feature affords you the ability to make quick drum patterns, copy them, perhaps edit the second bar for some variation, then drop in a unique instrument or melody. Keep going by copying that bar to a different channel and rinse and repeat. You can continue to grow the number of bars, choose every one of the bars, copy them several times, and keep editing away. Before you know it you’ve got 8-16 bars through a quick beat creation process. Apply this same technique to copy larger bar groups for your chorus or bridge, or even for some verses.
  • Complete visual revamp with usability and navigation being the main focal point. They kept producers in mind by making the application more functional and creating visually appetizing combinations to reduce strain on the eyes. For all the tech geeks out there, vector images have now become the norm, thus enhancing the professional look of the program.

DUBturbo 2.0 banner

With any new software there are bound to be some bugs, especially if you have never created such a sophisticated program before. DUBturbo was no different, but thankfully the people behind the project saw the value in listening to its user base and fixing all of the problems they could. Therefore, I wanted to briefly mention some of the more important bug fixes, which will be huge for current users and part of the package with new users.

This software is even better

Seamless looping, regardless of tempo, changing the BPM or bar count no longer triggers samples and changing to as many as 199 bars does not slow down or freeze the application. Controlling sounds on your keyboard is much more efficient and the program no longer loops endlessly at the end of a song, unless you want it to. You can no longer draw bars or drum notes on top of each other, which led to some unwanted and sometimes loud overlaying. There were some other minor, but important fixes applied to the upgraded software, which will make your beat creating a much smoother process.

In addition, the future looks bright too with the release of 2.1 in the next few months. This upgrade will have lots of new improvements too, including a new audio engine, which means potentially up to 500 bars! Another impressive improvement that might be in 2.1 is the ability to import samples through the interface instead of having to parse the files, for both PCs and Macs! The software creators are also looking into effects and panning, which could use up a lot of CPU, but users will absolutely love.

Overall, DUBt 2.0 is an impressive overhaul that will not only serve current users well but thwart any potential naysayers. The software is simple to use, fast and with over 2400 samples to choose from the possibilities are nearly endless. Beat making has never been more fun, or possible for anyone with a passion for music.

Snag Your DUBturbo Copy Right Now


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